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Zoran Dobric - Menswear Colection #1

"Fuchsia Lovers Shirt"- Hand painted and appliqued

"Punk Vest" - Hand appliqued Vest with metal hardware, hand painted vintage hockey mask

"Leather Patch Shirt" - with hand made lamb leather appliques and metal hardware

"Organic shirt" - with hand made leather applique and large gromets

"Phoenix Shirt" - hand painted detail with embroidery on collar, pockets and cuffs

"Military Anorak"- With hand frayed applique and hand painting

"Abstract Shirt" - with hand painted and embroidered design

"GlamZip Shirt" - With hand painted hardware

"Arabesque Shirt" - with hand painted arabesque design, large gromets and embroidery

"1000SkullsShirt" - With hand painted skulls at front and back

"Striped Top" - With hand painted detail and epaulettes with metal hardware

"Lovers Shirt" - Hand painted

"Lovers Vest" - With hand painted front and beiege stretch back