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Collection #2

Hand printed skirt with appliqued pleats and drawstring waist, hand pleated and painted top

Hand painted drawstring skirt, top with batik fabric applique

Stencil printed top with applique

Top with batik fabric applique and hand pleated skirt

Coat/dress with metal hardware and belt detail

Hand pleated silk top, hand pleated and tucj\ked drawstring skirt

Hand painted belted skirt, top with hand pleated and painted collar and cuff

Baggy pant: hand pleated legs, ruffled top with metal hardware detail

Hand painted choker with zip detail, hand painted stretch belt

Chiffon top with hand painted leather applique

Embroidered and hand-painted top, hand painted chokers

Hand pleated dress with silk screen printed apron

Hand pleated bluse with hand painted cuff and collar

Hand pleated and painted top with stitching detail at the back

Hand crocheted top

Hand pleated and painted top with back lacing